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What NOW ???

. . . after the release of our Debut CD, “D-D-Praz Christmas”? More Holiday music — NOT. Gospel Electronica; instrumental, interpretive Worship music; and “on-demand” accompaniment sound tracks remain in production.  Michael and Moriah, both, would like to participate in another local theater production (Daddy, sound; Daughter, cast).  Each continue to serve in their local churches, and look forward to “concert season” with the Holy Rollers starting around May.  Rumors suggest the Holy Rollers are being invited to three towns in Texas this Spring !!

Michael continues his research “restoring” and publishing Romantic era piano and guitar scores. Early this year, D-D-Praz will contribute a few recovered scores and their digital MIDI notation to the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP). From those scores may come our next releases, electronica circa 1800’s !! Moriah and I are also collaborating on remastering several of our earliest accompaniment tracks employed in past Christian music productions. You might even get to hear us play the Native American flute and Moriah sing on these tracks (as they were originally composed) !!

AND YES, we do requests.  From time to time, we are asked to compose arrangements for specific instrumentation or choral settings.  Once perfected, we also digitally produce the scores and/or recordings for specific events.  Or, perhaps, you have a favorite hymn or praise song you’d like turned to techno – or you’ve composed your own original score and have no orchestra to perform.  It’s in these situations our home studio is most suitable to help you.

Send us your ideas!!  Please follow our links and network with us @ MySpace, or Facebook, or ReverbNation, or SoundCloud


Introducing D-D-Praz to WordPress . . .

. . . as the sonar resounds
. . . ping . . . ping
this is a test, to say “Hello Fans”

This is our introduction to the band and the Christmas CD.  Check the liner notes on the Christmas CD tab.

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