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About the artists

Michael McMahon started Daddy Daughter Praise studio in 2008, as a father who desired to arrange and record music for his daughter, Moriah Gen, to sing and dance. This evolved – through encouragement from friends and some notoriety – into producing performance tracks for other artists, instrumentals for multi-media projects, and ambient, interpretive Worship music. D-D-Praz is all about fusing genres to create a trans-genre of Classical Electronica – a “new sound” for today’s employment of music – the band that’s “not in a box.”  Their music without a genre has Classical, Jazz, Techno, R&B, and World influences.


Michael R. McMahon was born April 23, 1968, in Fort Collins, Colorado – the middle child of two sisters.  Before schooling his family moved from their home state to Louisiana.  His passion for music developed at school age, singing and playing solos in the rural Southern Baptist churches where he was raised.  At age 11, he began private instruction in classical piano, continuing through high school.  As a sophomore, he was awarded a dual music/science scholarship to attend a State-funded academy – the Louisiana School for Math, Science, and the Arts.  Here, Michael performed with the local college marching band and orchestra.   It was the same, Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, Louisiana, where he was awarded scholarship to complete his final high school year as a freshman in college.  From this education, Michael also learned to play various melodic percussion instruments and taught himself guitars and the Native flute. Between semesters in college, he intermittently traveled abroad as a Merchant Mariner.  During the late ’80’s and ’90’s, he performed with various bands and musicians – genres varying from experimental Hard Rock, Soul/R&B, Pop, and Latino.  Briefly after college, Michael applied his musical and recording skills to sound production for high school and graduate performing arts programs.  For nearly a decade after, career pursuits and marriage stopped Michael from continuing any musical pursuits — until their daughter was born.

Moriah Gen McMahon was born October 27, 2000, in the town they currently reside – Montrose, Colorado.  She has studied piano and participated in children’s theater.  Like her dad, she began singing in churches at the age of 6.  Mo is actively involved in all D-D-Praz productions, having acquired a keen sense of sound and synth design; and is always “behind the scenes” generating project ideas and micro-managing them.

Band Interests:

Both Michael and Moriah acknowledge their talents and passions are gifts from God, thus they believe these are to be used to honor their Creator.  For the past several years, Michael has applied his skills across SW Colorado – singing with and directing choirs, playing keyboards, and engineering sound for various musical events or church sound systems.  Daddy Daughter Praise Studio produces and arranges performance soundtracks and ambient instrumentals for various artists and events.  Current trends are in promoting interpretive music and dance as tools useful for global Christian evangelism.  D-D-Praz promotes alternative genres of Gospel – particularly Electronic Dance Music, Rap/Hip-Hop, and Progressive Jazz/Modern Instrumentals.  Both currently work and tour with a Colorado-based Christian Praise and Worship Band, the Holy Rollers.

Here’s a collection of some of their productions:


2 responses to “About the artists

  1. Peter Owen (Soundtrack-Audio) 03/26/2011 at 14:06

    Hey Michael & Moriah

    As one of the Musicians who contributed to Nick (Gnome Attic) Thomas’s Rising Japan album I just wanted to say think you so much for your kind words, I know they mean a lot to the people involved, who gave their time and energy in a genuine bid to be able to do something to help. So any help you can give this effort is greatly appreciated, the boxes that Shelterbox supply to the victims of these disasters are vital lifelines and include family tents, water containers, basic cooking facilities, children’s colouring packs (when they’ve lost everything it really becomes a treasured possession and means the world to them) and basic supplies to help in those vital first weeks and months. They have their whole lives to rebuild, so any help we can give is greatly received. Just one box from Shelterbox gives a whole family support and shelter at this desperate time.

    Thanks again


    • D-D-Praz 03/26/2011 at 16:04

      Beautiful to hear and understand more of how Shelterbox is helping Japan. Our deepest respect and admiration, certainly, alongside those “on the ground” are those like you, Pete – Nick, Sabine, Marisela and all the others – “behind the scene.” How awesome is that when each of you do some part. Shalom !!

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