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Christmas Favs, the EP by DDPraz Studio

LOGO-Christmas favs

In November, 2010, D-D-Praz released their debut album, “D-D-Praz Christmas” – a 13 song compilation, modern arrangements of medleys of traditional and Classical Christmas music.  This year, they re-release 5 of the most popular tracks from that debut, remastered and available as mp3 downloads from most major eStores.

“Christmas music of the Future”

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1.    Medieval Carol in Baraque– c2009, D-D-Praz Christmas (2010), remastered for Christmas Favs (2013).

Our transcription for synth orchestra based on 3 “ancient” Christmas melodies.  The introduction is the Medieval melody “Ihr lieben Hirten” (their dear shepherd), a choral arrangement by Andreas Hammerschmidt (Bohemia, early 1600’s).  Next in the medly follows Bach’s organ prelude “In dulci jublio” (1600’s), a piece traditionally played at Christmas Mass.  From this Bach tune we get the contemporary hymn “Good Christian Men Rejoice.”  The final movement in this medly is a variation on the French carol, “Josep est bein marie” (late 1600’s) – our transcription from a score by M.R. de Lalande.

2.    El Nino del Tambor – c2008, D-D-Praz Christmas (2010), remastered for Christmas Favs (2013).

One of Michael’s favorite Christmas tunes, an original arrangement merging more of the “new and old.”  Originally produced in 2008.  The melody originates from a Czech carol, “Carol of the Drum,” but today can be recognized as “Little Drummer Boy;” made popular by a 1958 arrangement by Jack Halloran.  Today, in Mexico, this tune is commonly played for traditional, Latino Catholic Christmas processions.

3.    Club House Carol – c2008, D-D-Praz Christmas (2010), remastered for Christmas Favs (2013).

A non-traditional mix for the medley of two traditional carols: “Ding Dong Merrily on High” and “Carol of the Bells.” This track has been described as the “Christmas carol of the future,” and “sure to be a favorite for years to come.” Moriah said, “Do it techno” – and we got carried away.  Despite our thrill with arranging this piece as EDM; it is tradition that has assured us these melodies are favored for years to come !!!

4.    Raskabino Divine – c2009, D-D-Praz Christmas (2010), remastered for Christmas Favs (2013).

Variations on “Il est n le divin enfant,” a traditional French Christmas carol.  This is one of Moriah’s favorite carols, thus the Euro-techno segments near the end.  This is perhaps the best known traditional French carol, and is believed to have medieval origins from the region of Provence.  The melody was first printed in 1554, in a collection of French carols, “La Grande Bible des Noels.”

5.    Morning Star in David’s City – D-D-Praz Christmas (c2010), remastered for Christmas Favs (2013).

This medley is another merger of different centuries, from different Christmas’s past.  “Once in David’s Royal City,” by HJ Gauntlett, is one of few Christmas carols totally British in origin.  This naturally merged with  “Wie schon leuchtet der Morgenstern,” JS Bach, Cantata (BWV 1) – a popular, Classical, Christmas music work to present.


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