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Japan needs money more than prayers?

The most absurd statement I heard on Twitter like this:  “Japan doesn’t need prayers. Japan needs money. #songsforJapan”  REALLY?  The third largest economy in the world needs money, in lieu of it’s disaster?  Okay, let’s just throw a dollar at an orphan, throw a buck at a widow, give a ten spot to a Japanese farmer who just lost all his equipment and has salty, oil-soaked fields — all victims of Japan’s disaster.  Really Twitter, money?

. . . uh, NO.  Relief organizations like Japanese Red Cross and Shelterbox.org need money (not “Japan” or iTunes).  WHY? . . . to show genuine compassion by wiping a tear and hugging the elderly, providing a meal, giving shelter, or some other form of compassion.  That compassion gives HOPE, often supernaturally, as an expression of LOVE.  So Twitter implies that if I cannot show compassion to someone in need, then “money” is the answer?  Maybe I should pay someone else to “give a damn”?  Right.

I beg to differ, and encourage others to continue to pray for Japan.  The Japanese people need compassion far greater than they need money, albeit the relief organizations we support need funding.  What we accomplish supernaturally through prayer has an even greater impact than mere sympathy.  Prayers in Faith are orchestrated and focused on just exactly where Hope and Comfort is lacking.  Money cannot buy, nor does it reveal our capacity to reach out to those in need, nearly as effectively as our collective prayers.

James 5:13
[ The Prayer of Faith ] Is anyone among you in trouble? Let them pray. Is anyone happy? Let them sing songs of praise.

Several artists around the world have made some efforts to show their own compassion and help instill awareness for the need of the Japanese people.  iTunes has released their album “Songs For Japan,” a collection of branded, popular artists and songs (like Lady Gaga, Beiber, and some 38 artists, combined).   Honestly, we are highly suspect of the genuineness and sincerity of the artists and this effort.  None of the songs are truly inspired about or for the Japanese people, rather they are a collection of already popularized music.  We understand that “proceeds” are diverted to the Japanese Red Cross, to fund relief efforts there.  The selection of songs and artists iTunes has compiled, however, stand much more to gain than does the Japanese people from the promotion of their “Songs for Japan.”  Not to entirely “knock off” this effort, people can genuinely contribute to a greater cause buy purchasing the album, but it seems that the proportion of ones contribution is paled in comparison to the efforts to promote and aggrandize the artists and iTunes, themselves.  We do not imply, however, that all of the artists or those that purchase the “Songs for Japan” album do not somehow have some compassion for the Japanese people.

HOWEVER, weeks prior to iTunes “release” of their contributions to aid Japan, a number of musicians from the SoundCloud.com group gathered to share their songs that were genuinely composed with the Japanese people and their recent disaster in mind.  Their release titled “Rising Japan!” is for sale, and ALL proceeds from their effort are raising funds for Shelterbox.org, who was already “on the ground” in Japan at the time of the albums release.  There have been many more SoundCloud artists come forward with music inspired by and for the people of Japan.  We hope you take time to experience these artists and their genuine musical inspirations — all in the sincerest compassion for Japan.

Here’s a post from a friend explaining how Shelterbox.org and “Rising Japan!” is helping the Japanese (by: Peter Owen (Soundtrack-Audio) )

“. . .the boxes that Shelterbox supply to the victims of these disasters are vital lifelines and include family tents, water containers, basic cooking facilities, children’s colouring packs (when they’ve lost everything it really becomes a treasured possession and means the world to them) and basic supplies to help in those vital first weeks and months. They have their whole lives to rebuild, so any help we can give is greatly received. Just one box from Shelterbox gives a whole family support and shelter at this desperate time.”

NOW, whether donating cash or purchasing albums, we still cannot let folks like Mojocaster infect the human condition by alluding that the Japanese people need money more than compassion.  Prayer is compassion, and we strongly know to be true that prayer in Faith is the greatest transference of HOPE when one cannot be physically present to give comfort “face to face.”  There is no greater or more sincere effort that an individual can make when wanting to help another, than to fall to one’s knees with “brokenness” and “compassion” and ask GOD to help those people that we have burden for.  Songs, poems, and donations are secondary; and usually come “after” the initial heart-wrenching passion for our fellow mankind that is suffering.

We continue to pray, and ask all others to continue to pray in Faith, for “Brighter Days” for those wounded by the Japanese disaster.  Even if not affording to buy into some fund-raiser, your prayers will do much more.  Inspired to “want to share” our compassion, we composed an original arrangement of four popular Japanese melodies.  The history of these tunes can be found in our previous article.  The following is our last and final revision of that work.  Please enjoy and allow yourself to be moved to share your compassion for our neighbors in Japan.

Kami yo Mimae ni 日本の私たちの祈り

Psalm 32:6-7 — let everyone who is godly pray–pray to You in a time when You may be found; surely when the great waters [of trial] overflow, they shall not reach [the spirit in] him.  You are a hiding place for me; You, Lord, preserve me from trouble, You surround me with songs and shouts of deliverance. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!


2 responses to “Japan needs money more than prayers?

  1. kmurr 03/27/2011 at 12:42

    Amazing. Thanks for this post.

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