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Kami Yo Miame Ni – Our Prayer for Japan

Most of the world has become aware of the horrible earthquake, then destructive tsunami that leveled much of Northern Japan.  As many as 10,000 life’s were lost and even greater numbers were left homeless, jobless, and without food.  Nuclear power-plants are near catastrophic destruction, while some radiation is effecting food and many residents.

While much of Japan maintains its stoic, cultural confidence that all is well; it seems much of the world has frantically scrambled to help out.  Monetary donations are being accepted from both Shelterbox and RedCross, both aiding in humanitarian relief efforts with personnel on the ground.

Through our musician friendships at SoundCloud, we’d also like to encourage supporting both the relief effort and the talents of our independent artist friends by purchasing the Rising Japan album, a collaboration with SoundCloud, BandCamp, and Shelterbox.  Right now there are 22 artists, all ambient/electonica tracks, where proceeds from the albums sale are donated to Shelterbox.

Moriah and I discussed our desire to commemorate and rally for Prayer for Japan – their need for Help and Comfort in time of need.  We are confident that there is GREAT Hope and Peace for the people and the nation, despite the overwhelming disaster and losses due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control.  Christ in no “respecter of persons” and truly the greatest supernatural source for those in need.

D-D-Praz has compiled a song track titled:  Kami Yo Miame Ni (click the link to review our unmastered track).  This track is a medley of four very familiar tunes to most of Japan, and incoporates the ethnic stringed “koto” and bamboo flute instruments.  The introductory tune is “Shakura,” a traditional Japanese folk song, depicting the coming of Spring and the cherry blossom.  This leads to a Romantic era song “Yoimachi-guru,” (the evening primrose) first published by Tadasuke Ono (1895-1929) in 1918.  The original is a vocal score with piano accompaniment, and we varied the original by changing keys (for the bamboo flute) and adding more dramatic arpeggios.

Ironically, the last two tunes of this medley originated from Western Christian Hymns.  What we know as the familiar “What a Friend we Have in Jesus” is a tune made popular in Japan, as it is used in almost all Japanese “Westernized” weddings, today.  The final tune, from which we get the name “Kami Yo Miame Ni,” is a contemporary adaptation to traditional Japanese musical scale of the hymn, “Lord, We Come Before thee Now.”  Never more appropriate to end this medley with one verse of that musical adaptation by Tomoaki Bunya as a song of prayer.

We hope you are inspired by this work (in progress).

Many thanks and blessings,

Michael and Moriah


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